Wirecast Training Tutorial Index

Tutorial 01) – How to display your powerpoint presentation

Here is a quick example of how Wirecast can record your powerpoint presentation.

Here’s an example of what can be recorded using the Destop Presenter component of Wirecast

Tutorial 02) – How to connect to your presentation server

Tutorial 03) – How to use WordPress to brand your presentation

Tutorial 04) – How to add a webcam to your presentation

Tutorial 05) – How to play a recorded video during your presentation

Tutorial 06) – How to record and archive your presentation

Tutorial 07) – How to restrict access to your live and recorded presentations with password security

Tutorial 08) – Methods available to create audience engagement

Tutorial 09) – How to add a guest during your presentation

Tutorial 10) – How to display your computer desktop to your audience

Tutorial 11) – How to stream your presentation to an iPad audience

Tutorial 12) – How to use appropriate lighting and white balance

Tutorial 13) – How to use graphics effectively as part of your storytelling

Tutorial 14) – How to apply the chroma key green screen effect

Tutorial 15) – Advice on audio, video and computer hardware selection

Tutorial 16) – Methods to edit your recorded presentation