Live Streaming Bootcamp

Below you’ll find a high level outline of what our Jumpstart Live Streaming Bootcamp may look like.

  • It is totally customized to fit your needs
  • It is a practical, step-by-step program
  • It is designed to yield real business results within 90 days
– Gain an understanding of available options & develop a plan

Here we answer… What is Live Streaming?… Why should you care?… How do you begin?

Phase One would be offered as either a 1/2 day online workshop or 3 scheduled virtual meetings each lasting an hour. Time together would focus on five components.

  1. PURPOSE: uncover whether the purpose of your live streaming event will be for traffic generation, training or sales conversion
  2. VALUE: make you aware of what actually is live streaming and where would be the value and distinct advantages to you
  3. AUDIENCE: identify what your specific audience needs and expectations are in relation to audio/video quality, content presentation format and video stream production/broadcast components
  4. OPTIONS: identify, analyze and select a sub-set of live streaming options (ie Ustream/Livestream/YouTube Live/Google+ Hangouts/Wirecast) based upon the resources, technical elements, time and budget available
  5. ACTION: develop a draft live streaming strategic plan that can easily be merged with your traditional marketing plan

The meetings would be scheduled at your convenience and would involve blending education and training with a few “homework” exercises. The goal is to complete a meaningful draft live streaming plan and identify which techniques and processes may be worth implementing over the next 90 days.

This planning document must have stated objectives, a clear definition of success and a method that will measure how the goals are being achieved.

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– Enhance the live video streaming plan to implement the best option

Here we answer…What are the exact steps required to successfully broadcast a live video stream?

After developing the draft live streaming plan within the Discovery Phase, you need to create a step-by-step process to assist you with the actual implementation of your live video event.

Our goal is to identify and implement those individual techniques that will act as your traffic generation, training or sales conversion solution. This approach is not a replacement for, but rather an enhancement to, your normal traditional marketing efforts.

Although there are many tools available, based on the results of the Discovery Phase, you will select an approach most appropriate to you and then will develop an effective step-by-step implementation strategy. Specific issues to be discussed and evaluated will include…

i) specific software and hardware requirements
ii) skills and training required
iii) implementation timeline requirements
iv) possible vendor options and costs
v) resources available internally & externally
vi) steps necessary to test the value of the technique
vii) construction of a 3 month, detailed implementation timeline

For the live streaming option (ie Ustream/Livestream/YouTube Live/Google+ Hangouts/Wirecast) selected, meetings would be held at your convenience to define and create a working document which outlines the necessary steps to successfully implement that live streaming solution. Once again, your 3 month implementation process matrix would be based upon available resources, time and budget.

Education and training assistance for the live streaming solution selected, would be scheduled at your convenience. Additional coaching assistance to answer ongoing questions during the implementation period, can be offered.

I hope the above has been informative and useful.

Our goal is to work with you to develop and implement a personalized, step-by-step process to ensure you achieve more qualified sales leads and build stronger client relationships through your strategic digital marketing program enhanced with live video streaming.

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