Google+ Hangout Jumpstart Program

Google+ Hangouts certainly have been receiving a great deal of attention lately. They have proven to be an important new tool to add to your business marketing approach.

A Hangout, like the one recently held with Sir Richard Branson broadcasting live from Necker Island, will:

  • allow you to video chat with an unlimited number of clients and prospects… LIVE!
  • automatically record your meeting and insert it on your YouTube channel for replay purposes
  • increase your Google search rankings and direct more traffic to your website
  • build a stronger level of engagement with your audience

AND… there is no fee to use a Google+ Hangout in your business.

Our Jumpstart Program will quickly enable you to use a Google+ Hangout.

  • it is totally customized to fit your needs
  • it includes skill training for access on a desktop/laptop computer and an iPad
  • the program will take less than 90 minutes to complete

Information to be covered would include the following…

- orientation to Google+ and the key differences with Facebook
- orientation to the value, purpose and structure of a video Hangout
- relationship between a Google + Hangout and a Hangout On Air (HOA)
- establishing a new G+ account if you don’t have one or adapting your old Google account to work with G+
- quick step process to add a headshot picture to your profile so that your G+ account can be visually recognized
- quick step process to add key identification information to your G+ profile
- quick step process to creating a G+ circle so that Hangouts can be initiated
- quick step process to adding other G+ users to your individual G+ circles
- how to launch a Hangout from the Hangout page stream or the Event page stream
- how to launch a Hangout from the Chat feature after at least one traditional Hangout has been held
- how to schedule a Hangout in advance with the G+ Event Manager and how to invite others
- how to join a Hangout from the Home page stream, Event page stream or Notifications area
- how to initiate or to join a Hangout on the iPad after loading the G+ app v3.2

Normally the personalized education process including Q&A, will not require an investment of more than hour of time but could take 90 minutes. There would also be a need to attend a wrap-up group Hangout lasting not more than 15-20 minutes.

For more information, email or leave your question here.