Why Should You Care About Live Video Streaming

In the past, we were aware that live video could be enabled in most of the mainstream webinar software systems such as WebEx and GoToMeeting and was referred to as live online webcasting. However, Livecasting or Livestreaming is something quite different and yes, you should pay attention to this new capability if you are striving for maximum engagement with your audience and wish to obtain maximum business results.

Up until the Spring of 2012, the only online video solutions easy to implement, were tools that had a focus on providing slide presentations supported with audio and/or video. We now however, have a new breed of software that is focused on delivering a solution that is similar to a live on-stage presentation and is moving towards providing very life-like, personal one-on-one presentation capability.

You can now offer from your computer, an engaging presentation similar to what you see on Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart’s Daily Show or CNN… full screen live video, motion graphics and even ‘green screen’. This new video streaming solution definitely raises the bar for online meetings, webinars and web conferencing!

Many very different live video options are available including Ustream, Livestream, YouTube Live, Google+ Hangouts and Wirecast.

Livestreaming is something to consider when you want a personal touch, more audience engagement and wish to build a relationship. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the level of success received from your call-to-action statement.