Bob Chesney
Chesney Communications
Irvine, CA


I have been working with Dave Williams for two years and I can give him my highest recommendation. He is a very talented marketing coach who guided me to set strategic goals and then walked me through the implementation process.

Dave is a big picture thinker with the ability to teach and execute even the smallest details. He taught me how to use online technology as a breakthrough marketing tool. Dave constantly challenged me to think outside my box and set measurable goals.

What I personally appreciated was his ability to patiently and cheerfully guide without ever making me feel stupid. He can relate to beginners and experts equally well.

Working with Dave has been a great experience and I certainly recommend him.

Grant Mullen MD
Grimsby, ON


David Williams is a unique blend of computer skills and the ability to not only clearly explain the uses of technology for marketing but also to put a plan in place that is effective and repeatable.

He is very results oriented and always delivers on time and on budget. His congenial, positive style makes him easy to work with and his skill set is suitable for beginners and the most experienced.

David Hasson
Raymond James Financial


Dave has helped us with several technology projects, including advising us with regard to a current major overhaul of our website to develop a Content Management System. We have found him to be very knowledgeable about emerging technologies, while taking a practical, business-oriented approach biased toward reliable, cost-effective, achievable solutions.

He always ensures that the project’s objectives are clearly defined, and delivers results that are focused on those objectives.

His strengths include an ability to translate technical jargon into layman’s terms, a sensitivity to corporate culture, and a grasp of the needs of key functions such as sales and marketing.

Doug Jamieson, Chairman

Our relationship with Dave Williams and Conference Village has greatly grown since 2005 to the point where Dave has been an integral and important element to our Digital Marketing for our 900+ teachers in North America.

Both David Riddell, VP & COO of MYC, and me have complete confidence in Dave and his capabilities – specifically with bridging the high touch marketing process with high tech marketing tools.

In September 2008, David and I communicated with Dave that we needed a program for our music teachers – to teach them about digital marketing and social media – introducing them to the new and different mediums, educating them on their usages and how they can and should move forward.

In our industry, one needs to be sensitive that music teachers are generally a little behind in their comprehension in technology; however, at the same time, be positive and supportive throughout the learning process. The program needed to be stream-lined and simple to understand while providing valuable and tangible information.

Dave Williams was able to do just that. He listens carefully and intently to his clients – ensuring that he is always meeting their needs and always provides a wonderful outline/summary of meetings in a timely manner to ensure that how he is moving forward is the way that the client wants.

It is very obvious to us that Dave continues his own professional development to ensure that he always knows the most recent updates and programs that are available and are being used. His sales and marketing knowledge is not limited only by technology. He is well-rounded in his knowledge and is able to coach, explain and apply that knowledge to each project easily and effectively.

As mentioned above, we are in an industry where one needs to be sensitive to the people during their learning process. Dave’s coaching style is gentle and non-threatening – while still providing structure and valued learning. Dave has worked closely not only with both David and me – but also our founder, Frances Balodis and all our North American managers (all women, at all different learning stages). We have never received negative feedback on Dave’s coaching style.

Should you decide to move forward with Dave and his services I am quite certain that you will be extremely satisfied with the whole process – from beginning to end.

We consider Dave to be “one of the family” now with Music for Young Children® and look forward to our continued relationship.

Olivia Riddell
President & International Director
Music for Young Children®


We have been working with Dave Williams and Conference Village for 5 years. Dave is an acute marketer with the knowledge and experience that companies need today. He brings with him a warm and friendly attitude, and delivers each project to the exact details you expect. His expertise in social media and customer service make him the expert of choice for Music for Young Children. Dave can take an idea and turn it into reality with ease. He is a pleasure to work with and I would consider Dave a close friend and colleague.

I look forward to our meetings together as Dave brings so much more to the table, his knowledge is above the innovations in technology and social networking.

David Riddell
Music for Young Children®


Until we began working with Dave Williams, we had been missing a systematic strategy for (a) broadening and more precisely targeting our reach in the market, and then for (b) confidently moving potential clients, step-by-step, from their first expression of interest through to being an increasingly loyal client and word-of-mouth marketing ally.

In short, we needed a proven relationship development roadmap, focusing us on the right touchpoints and messages at the right times. Just relying on our traditional mix of telephone, e-mail and webinars has always been very time consuming. More importantly, new business still seemed to materialize more by chance (vs. by plan) than I was comfortable with.

Increasingly I had become aware that enthusiastic gurus claimed “social media” could support the marketing relationships we needed to develop. However, none of these had convinced me they had an evidence-based toolkit which selectively put each of these high-tech pieces into play to systematically grow higher yield relationships with clients.

Since we had, since 2005, relied increasingly on Dave Williams’ vLink technologies in our training and certification programs, and since I knew his more recent work was integrating social media, I asked him in mid-2009 to help me make results-focused sense out of digital marketing.

As I expected, Dave has set us on the right track. His underpinning our relationship development aims with a sequence of selected high-tech tools in a strategy that makes common sense, is already producing results.

While Dave no doubt qualifies as a digital marketing expert, his focus on client results is very down to earth. I have never hesitated to ask questions of Dave … even those I feared might be “dumb”. He has a gut-felt understanding of sales, shaped by his success in personal selling, through to his development of his own multi-million dollar company serving large multi-national clients.

As someone who is marginally tech-literate, I especially appreciate Dave’s helping me feel well informed as I decide which technologies to invest time and money in. I feel comfortable that I understand, and have hands-on control of the steps in our digital marketing strategy. On a more personal note, Dave is very reliable. When he commits to deliverables, he delivers on time and on budget.

Richard Earle, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Canadian Institute of Stress
Principal, Vital Corporation, Inc.