Webcasting Is Your Competitive Edge !

Your next webinar, client presentation or workshop event can be memorable and extremely engaging if you use live video or actually livecast during your online meeting. Specific advantages include:

  • You can build a strong level of engagement with an unlimited number of clients and prospects… LIVE!
  • A high quality, multi-person video conversation can be held WITHOUT cost.
  • If used strategically, your Google search rank will significantly increase and direct more traffic to your website
  • It is easy enough to begin using with less than 90 minutes of training.
  • This is the next generation of webinar and video conferencing technology.

However, there is NO NEED to be confused with, or intimidated by, the many and very different live video options available. Your choice begins by deciding whether your live video stream is designed for traffic generation, training or sales conversion. Then review a shortlist of the possible approaches. Should you select:

  • very traditional, i.e., WebEx or Go To Meeting?
  • simple & direct, i.e., Ustream or Livestream?
  • easy & personal, i.e., YouTube Live or Google+ Hangouts?
  • highly engaging, i.e., Wirecast?

Assistance is available if you would like to gain a significant competitive advantage, but are uncomfortable with evaluating and implementing a very distinctive live stream presentation center.  We’ve spent over a decade working through the issues and we’d like to help you find and implement the best solution for your needs.

We will show you an innovative and effective way to communicate with people online, just as if you were right in front of them. Use your webcam, camcorder or professional high-definition camera in a creative way, to acquire more qualified sales leads as well as strengthen your relationships with prospects and clients.


Live video streaming is an excellent fit if you:

  • believe an online meeting should be more than a telephone conference call with slides
  • want to build credibility and deliver a presentation that differentiates you from your competitors
  • would prefer to use a customized and corporately branded meeting space to engage your audience
  • feel high quality, LIVE, multi-party video, will add value to your presentation or in-person workshop event
  • are searching for a simple yet comprehensive live video solution with chroma key green screen effect

People resist attending “meetings” but they love to socialize, build relationships and make friends. Therefore to effectively communicate with your audience online, you need to create a relationship with warmth and trust, just as you would do if you were meeting face to face.

It’s not difficult to create a one-of-a-kind solution, which uses multi-party video, audio and distinctive screen components to simulate the personal process that occurs naturally when a prospect or client visits your real-life office. Just imagine the effect of replicating the in-office experience online – without travel or hassles.

Ask us to demonstrate how you can offer from your computer, an engaging presentation similar to what you see on Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart’s Daily Show or CNN… full screen live video, motion graphics and even ‘green screen’. Our clients say we’ve raised the bar for online meetings, webinars and web conferencing! ….

For more information, email dave@vLinkLive.com or contact us in Toronto at (905) 849-7469 or leave your question here.